Allan, Brian: Manager of a car dealership and vice president of the Los Angeles Police Commission, an association that plans police benefits. Lives across the street from William Jackson and near the home of the late Jerry Lee Petty on Willow Glen Road in Hollywood Hills. Observed the presence of a variety of "undesirable" people - drifters and drug addicts - at the Petty and Jackson homes. Allan also saw Petty and Christian Brando together in Petty's truck. Mark Jones, another drifter who frequented the neighborhood, committed suicide in a Lincoln car owned by Allan. See also Fiebelkorn, Brian Allan.

Attwater, David: Lived with Ronald "Duffy" Hambleton and was suspected by Hambleton of being a "snitch" planted by police to inform on drug operations on Hambleton's Lucerne Valley property .

Bailey, Daryl: Probation officer of Bonny Bakley in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bakley claimed in a conversation with private investigator William Jordan that she was having sex with Bailey and he wouldn't revoke her probation. Bailey did put her under house arrest for traveling to California in violation of her probation terms, but he was not asked about the sexual relationship when he testified at the trial.

Bailey, Kevin (Capt.): With the Los Angeles Fire Department, Bailey arrived at the crime scene within minutes after the 911 call was made.

Bakley, Bonny Lee (a.k.a. Leebonny): Born 7 June 1956, the first of three children of Edward and Marjorie Lois Bakley. Bonny Lee was raised by her maternal grandmother, Margaret Hall.

Bakley, Edward: Father of Bonny Lee, Margerry, and Joseph Bakley, abandoned family in 1963, died ten years later in jail.

Bakley, Joseph: Younger brother of Bonny Lee Bakley, currently serving prison time for identity theft.

Bakley, Margerry Lisa: Younger sister of Bonny Lee Bakley, worked with Bonny in pornography and prostitution business.

Bass, Bobby: Veteran stuntman.

Benavides, Lydia (also Lidia Benevidas): Worked for Robert Blake as a maid for about three years.

Berry, Doris: Mother of Paul Gawron.

Besley, DeMart C.: Former sheriff of Darby Montana and widower who married Bonny Bakley in Nevada on 7 December 1988. Besly wrote a book about his experiences with Bakley. He died on 25 December 2000, just four months before she was murdered.

Blackwell, Cody: Former personal aide to Robert Blake; allegedly helped Blake trick Bakley into leaving baby Rose with Blake's daughter, Delilah.

Blake, Delinah Raya: Daughter of Robert Blake and wife Sondra Kerr Blake; born 23 August 1966; Delinah is a psychologist and has custody of baby sister Rose.

Blake, Noah Luther: Son of Robert Blake and wife Sondra Kerr Blake, and actor.

Blake, Robert: Born 18 September 1933 at Nutley, New Jersey. Began acting career in 1935 as 'Mickey' in 'Our Gang' series; has continued acting through late 1990s, appearing in more than 130 films. Starred in popular 1970s television series, 'Baretta,' and has worked also as script writer, producer and director. Arrested 18 April 2002 for murder of Bonny Lee Bakley; acquitted of all charges March 16th, 2005.

Blake, Rose Lenore Sophia: Daughter born in Arkansas to Blake and Bakley on 2 June 2000; her named was changed on 6 April 2001 from Christian Shannon Brando in Arkansas.

Blake, Sondra Kerr: Wife of Robert Blake; the two were married 25 November 1962 at Tehachapis, a resort fifty miles outside Los Angeles; The couple divorced on 28 October 1982, with Blake having custody of the couple's two children.

Bond, Tommy "Butch": Former Our Gang child star, friend and defender of Robert Blake. Now deceased.

Brando, Christian: Estranged son of famed actor Marlon Brando, was Bakley lover in late 1990s and was listed on Arkansas birth certificate as father of baby Christian Shannon.

Brando, Christian Shannon: Name given at birth to Bakley daughter born in June of 2000. After tests revealed that Robert Blake was actually the father, her name was changed to Rose Lenore Sophia Blake.

Braun, Harland: First criminal lawyer retained by Blake after Bakley murder; Braun left the case in the fall of 2002 in a dispute over a television interview Blake wanted to do.

Brumbly, George: A waiter at Vitello's who was present the night that Blake and Bakley dined there; testified at the trial that Blake's behavior seemed normal.

Brooksher, Joseph: Missouri farmer conned into 1991 marriage to Bakley who took his money and his new truck and ran away on their wedding night. Brooksher claims he was sent to jail for writing bad checks after Bakley cleaned out his bank account.

Brown, John Henry: Seattle defense attorney who represented Christian Brando when he was questioned about his relationship with Bonny Bakley.

Bub, Robert: Los Angeles homicide detective, co-lead investigator in Blake case.

Caldwell, Earle: Handyman and bodyguard to Robert Blake; arrested 18 April 2002 and charged as a co-defendant with Blake in the killing of Bonny Lee Bakley.

Cannell, Stephen J.: Creator of 'Baretta' television show.

Caputo, Carol: Friend of Teri Lorenzo-Castaneda who accompanied her friend to the crime scene.

Carlyon, Marjorie Lois: Mother of Bonny Lee Bakley (nee Hall).

Carlyon, Peter: Half-brother of Bonny Lee Bakley, worked with Bakley in sex businesses, investigated by Memphis FBI for extortion in mid-1990s.

Castaneda, Terri Lorenzo: Nurse who left Vitello's with Blake after Blake discovered Bakley shot in his car on 4 May 2001.

Coffey, Michael: Police detective who headed the homicide division at North Hollywood, and was present when Blake was brought in for questioning following the Bakley shooting; it was Coffey who notified Blake that Bakley had died at the hospital.

Cole, Dana: Attorney for Earle Caldwell.

Cooley, Steve: LA County district attorney at the time Robert Blake was formally charged with Bakley's murder.

Corrales, Joann (also Mary Joan or Mary JoAn): Caretaker for Christian Brando, son of actor Marlon Brando; allegedly attacked a potential witness in the Blake case by the name of Dianne Mattson.

Corwin, Miles: Crime writer who was permitted to accompany detectives during the Bakley shooting investigation.

Daniels, Bridget: A young lawyer who worked on Robert Blake's criminal defense team.

Cox, Marvin: Ex-husband of Bonita Hambleton and former step-father of Derek. Spoke with Ronald "Duffy" Hambleton about untraceable guns and eliminating serial numbers. Cox is considered an expert on firearms.

Dickerson, Rocky: A friend of Jerry Lee Petty and life-long associate of Christian Brando, who confirmed that Petty knew both Christian Brando and "Duffy" Hambleton. Dickerson identified Petty's body after Petty was found dead on 15 March 2001.

Doehring, Katherine Rose (Kate): Lived on Dilling Street across from Robert Blake and was asked by Blake, shortly before Bakley's murder, if she had seen a large vehicle with a blonde-haired man parked outside the Blake home that would sit there sometimes for several hours at a time.

Doehring, Rick: Father of Kate; was present in April of 2001 when Blake inquired about the stranger who parked for long periods of time on the street.

Dowell, Steven: Expert police witness at Robert Blake's preliminary hearing and again at the trial; testified about the nature of gunshot residue.

Dubin, Eric: Attorney representing Bakley's children in civil lawsuit.

Dufficy, Robert: Customer at Vitello's the night of the murder who claims Blake acted nervous before the killing.

Dupre, Dawn: Niece of DeMart Besly, inherited Besly's manuscript about Bakley. She now resides in Southern California.

Duvall, Collette: Long time girlfriend of Robert Blake.

Edwarts, Robert: Was paid $17,000 in cash by Robert Blake for custom work on a motorcycle.

Eguchi, Steve: Co-lead detective in Bakley murder case with Ron Ito, Brian Tyndall, and Rob Bub.

Eguchi, Steve: Co-lead detective in Bakley murder case with Ron Ito, Brian Tyndall, and Rob Bub.

Englert, Rod: An expert witness called by the prosecution at the criminal trial of Robert Blake; stated he believed the shooter was right-handed.

Ezzell, Peter Q.: Civil lawyer handling Bakley family suit against Robert Blake.

Felsen, Barry: Formerly Robert Blake civil law and entertainment lawyer.

Fenton, Joanne: Tenant at house in Thousand Oaks (Ventura County), California owned by Bonny Bakley.

Fiebelkorn, Brian Allan: See Allan, Brian

Gawron, Glenn: Son of Bonny Lee Bakley, born September 1979.

Gawron, Holly: Daughter of Bonny Lee Bakley, born 1981.

Gawron, Paul: First cousin of Bonny Lee Bakley; became her husband in November of 1977; raised Bakley's first three children (though he doubts any are biologically his) and remained with her as administrator of sex business until her death in 2001.

Goldsmith, Alan: Lived at 4327 Kraft Avenue, near the murder site, and remembered seeing a strange car parked nearby shortly before the murder.

Goldstein, Cary: Bonny Lee Bakley family attorney; made numerous television appearances arguing Bakley family issues in 2001 and 2002, but since the February-March preliminary hearing has disagreed with the prosecution theory of Blake as triggerman, and more recently expressed reservations about the truthfulness of Blake's stuntmen-accusers.

Gollaz, James: One of four police officers who conducted a search of Robert Blake's home at 11604 Dilling Street the morning after the Bakley murder.

Grant, Walter: One of four police officers present at the search of Robert Blake's home at 11604 Dilling Street the morning following the murder.

Gubitosi, James and Elizabeth: Parents of Robert Blake (born Michael James Vijencio Gubitosi).

Gutstadt, Jeffrey, MD: Deputy medical examiner for Los Angeles County; did autopsy on Bakley's body.

Hall, George: Uncle of Bonny Lee Bakley.

Hall, Margaret: Maternal grandmother of Bonny Lee Bakley ("Grammy Hall"); raised Bakley in trailer in northwest New Jersey.

Hambleton, Bonita: Former wife of Ronald ("Duffy") Hambleton, mother of Derek.

Hambleton, Derek: Son of Ronald ("Duffy"); saw a handgun just like the murder weapon in his father's possession.

Hambleton, Ronald "Duffy": Former Hollywood stuntman whom prosecutors say was asked by Blake to shoot Bakley.

Harrison, Roy "Snuffy": Retired Hollywood stuntman who was associated with Robert Blake in connection with a proposed dirt biking documentary.

Hartnett, Celia: Expert witness for the defense on the subject of gunshot residue.

Haynes, John: An acquaintance of Christian Brando since about 2000 who lived near him in the Kalama, Washington area. Haynes heard Brando discussing both Bonny Bakley and Ronald Hambleton (called only by his nickname, Duffy). He was also a friend of Jerry Lee Petty in California and had been planning a Washington fishing trip with Petty at the time of Petty's death.

Helm, Anthony: Bonny Lee Bakley's Memphis attorney.

Horan, George (Fr.): A Catholic priest who visited Robert Blake during his incarceration and testified about the actors frail health.

Howell, Judy: Was secretary to Jerry Lee Lewis's wife when Bakley began stalking the entertainer; Howell was later on Bakley payroll making phone calls to porn clients for $25 per hour. Howell is credited with advising Bakley to invest some of her money in real estate.

Hudack, Pamela: A friend of Robert Blake's who had a brief relationship with him and remains close; she testified about meeting Bakley and seeing the infant Rose suffering from severe neglect.

Hurwitz, Delinah Blake: Adult daughter of Robert Blake and adoptive mother of the girl he had with Bakley, Rosie. See also Delinah Blake.

Hurwitz, Gregg: Son=in=law of Robert Blake; he and Blake's daughter, Delinah, married after Delinah had adopted baby Rose.

Hurwitz, Scott: A fingerprint expert with the LAPD forensics department, Hurwitz testified during the crimnal trial that he found several unidentified fingerprints on Blake's car.

Issa, Samar E.: Los Angeles homicide detective, was present at the crime scene and also when Blake's home was searched May 5th 2001.

Ito, Ron: Los Angeles homicide detective, lead investigator in Bakley murder case.

Jackson, Lawrence (Capt.): Firefighter and paramedic who arrived at the crime scene after Sean Stanek called 911.

Jackson, William: A neighbor of Jerry Lee Petty, lived across the street from Brian Allan, and was known to have various "misfits" living with him and visiting him. Among the occasional visitors was Ronald "Duffy" Hambleton, according to Allan.

Johnson, Lisa: Former girlfriend of Earle Caldwell; was asked by Caldwell to remove certain items from his apartment after his arrest and was angered by a note she found from Caldwell's estranged wife.

Jones, Mark: a tall, thin man with no teeth; a drifter who frequently hung out on Willow Glen Road with Jerry Lee Petty. Jones sometimes worked as a handyman and had a knack for fixing thengs. In about March or April of 2001, Jones repaired a Lincoln automobile for Brian Allan, and then drove it around without Allan's permission. Later, on the 31st of May of that year, Brian Allan received a phone call from the police and came home to find that Jones had committed suicide in the same car. It was later learned that Jones was HIV-positive.

Jordan, William: Private detective hired by Blake to dig up dirt on Bakley family and to bring criminal activities to the attention of law enforcement.

Kerr, Sondra (also Sondra Kerr-Blake): Former wife of Robert Blake and mother of his two adult children, Noah and Delinah. They were married in 1961 and divorced 22 years later.

King, Jim: Arkansas private investigator who got background information on Bonny Bakley for William Welch when Welch was working for Blake.

Kowal, Debra: Criminalist working for the LAPD; testified at the trial about gunshot residue found on the hands of the victim, Bonny Lee Bakley.

Knolls, Charles: LAPD detective who retrieved tapes of Bakley's conversations with Blake from Paul Gawron in Memphis, Tennessee.

Krell, Libby: Lived near Vitello's and observed a strange car parked near there around the time of the shooting. See White, Josh.

Landy, Dick: Testified at the criminal trial that Blake paid him $16,000 cash for the 1991 Dodge Stealth that Blake drove the night of the murder.

Larkin, Timothy: Oregon widower who changed his will, replacing son Randy with Bonny Bakley in 1993.

Levin, Barry: Former Blake criminal lawyer, died in suicide 7 July 2001.

Lewis, Frankie Jean: Sister of Jerry Lee Lewis (sometimes "Frankie Gene").

Lewis, Jeri Lee (sometimes Jerilee): Daughter of Bonny Lee Bakley, born 28 July 1993 in Desoto County, Mississippi; Bakley claimed the girl was fathered by singer Jerry Lee Lewis, but her claim was later proven false.

Lewis, Jerry Lee: Country and western singer who achieved international popularity in the 1950s; was relentlessly pursued by Bakley in the 1980s and 1990s.

Lewis, Kerrie: Wife of Jerry Lee Lewis at the time Bakley began stalking the singer; the couple divorced in 1991.

Lewis, Linda Gail: Younger sister of Jerry Lee Lewis; briefly went into business with Bakley.

Lorenzo-Castaneda, Teri: A school nurse who accompanied Robert Blake to his car after he discovered Bonny Bakley bleeding. She was dining with a friend, Carol Caputo, at Vitello's when the shooting took place.

Markham, Rebecca: Wife of Andrew Percival, was having dinner with him at Vitello's the night of the murder. She and Percival remembered seeing Blake walking alone toward his car, as he passed them from behind.

Manchan, Noel: An acquaintance of Earle Caldwell who was allegedly asked by Caldwell about obtaining an "unregistered" handgun.

Mastrocovo, Michael: Criminalist with the LAPD scientific investigations division who analyzed evidence at the crime scene.

Matthew, Thomas: LAPD detective who headed an April 2002 search of Earle Caldwell's apartment.

Mattson, Adam: Son of Diane Mattson (see below).

Mattson, Diane: Was hired in 2000 as a caretaker for Christian Brando; says she overheard telephone conversations in which Brando asked to have Bakely killed. Says she and her son have been threatened by Brando in an attempt to keep them from talking about the case.

McCoy, James Michael "Mike" (M.D.): Was walking with a female companion, not his wife, when he saw Robert Blake beating on the door of Sean Stanek's house asking him to call 911; hid behind some bushes and watched rather than get involved because he didn't want an extramarital affair discovered by his wife.

McLarty, Cole: Son of Gary McLarty; sold story to tabloids; testified at trial that his father had proposed to him a job that involved roughing up an intruder lurking around Blake's home, not the murder of Bakley.

McLarty, Gary: Retired Hollywood stuntman who alleges that Blake solicited him to kill Bonny Bakley.

McLarty, Karen: Former wife of Gary and mother of Cole. Confirmed story about an offer of money from Blake which had nothing to do with the Bakley shooting.

Mendoza, Luis: FBI informant who also attempted to focus the attention of federal law enforcement on various illegal Bakley family activities.

Mesereau, Thomas, Jr.: Criminal lawyer for Robert Blake from approximately October of 2002 until 5 February 2004; represented Blake during the preliminary hearing held in February and March of 2003, but subsequently left the case to work for Michael Jackson.

Minucci, Frank: A convicted felon who now calls himself a "born-again" preacher; Minucci testified at Blake's trial that he had several phone calls that caused him to believe Blake was planning to have Bakley murdered. Phone records later showed that the calls he described couldn't have happened. Minucci never met Robert Blake in person until his bizarre testimony at the trial.

Moon, Robert: South Carolina truck driver and Bonny Bakley ex-husband, was married to her in 1985.

Noel, Robert: Companion of Michael Dufficy, eating at Vitello's at the same time Blake and Bakley dined there.

O'Brien, Christopher: Vitello's waiter who has served Robert Blake on hundreds of occasions; verified that Blake normally made reservations when he brought a guest.

Parks, Bernard: Los Angeles County police chief at the time of Blake's arrest.

Patton, Melvin: Los Angeles police officer who was first to arrive at the crime scene the night of May 4th 2001.

Paulakis, Evangelos: Young Greek immigrant who offered to pay fifteen-year-old Bonny Bakley to marry him so he could get permanent resident status; Bakley took the money and went through with the wedding, but soon afterward had Paulakis deported.

Pedamonte, Oswaldo: One of four police officers who took part in the May 5th 2001 search of Robert Blake's house.

Percival, Andrew: Customer at Vitello's on the night of the Bakley shooting; husband of Rebecca Markham.

Petty, Jerry Lee: Former Hollywoood stuntman, long an associate of Ronald "Duffy" Hambleton; also had a close ("surrogate father") relationship with Christian Brando. Was found dead 15 March 2001 at his home on Willow Glen Road, Hollywood Hills. The death was officially ruled a "suicide." There was a rumor that $10,000 was stolen from Petty just before his death, and bank records showed a withdrawal of that amount of money just two days before his death.

Pinner, Martin: LAPD homicide detective at North Hollywood station who took gunshot residue tests of Robert Blake's hands and clothing.

Richardson, Sharon: Private investigator who worked for Bonny Lee Bakley; in November of 1998, she was asked by Bakley to obtain social security numbers and financial information for both Christian Brando and Robert Blake.

Rennie, Mary Beth: Companion of Dr. James McCoy, was with him near the crime scene the night Bonny Bakley was killed.

Renzi, Robert: An acquaintance of Robert Blake who met him through Earle Caldwell; Renzi put Blake in touch with Luis Mendoza, a federal informer who, Blake hoped, could get Bonny Bakley caught in criminal activities and jailed. Renzi was also present for the Blake-Bakley "wedding."

Restivo, Steve and Joseph: Brothers and co-owners of Vitello's Restaurant in Studio City, California. Bakley was shot after dining with Robert Blake at the eatery.

Robichaux, Robin: Waitress at Vitello's Restaurant who had worked there for 14 years at the time of the Bakley shooting.

Ross, Scott: Private investigator who worked on the Robert Blake case with Harland Braun.

Scheier, Christina: Associate of Bonny Lee Bakley; at one time charged Bakley criminally with identity theft.

Seals, Keith: A friend of Ronald "Duffy" Hambleton who lived with him off and on since they met in 1998; after serving jail time in 2001, he says that Hambleton talked about a plan to murder Bonny Lee Bakley and offered him (Seals) $10,000.

Seely, David: An attorney for Christian Brando.

Shalinsky, Allison: Attorney who made one-time court appearance with Robert Blake on 23 February 2004 to seek an extension of time to find counsel.

Sharon, Donna: An acquaintance of Ronald "Duffy" Hambleton since about 1990; lived at Hambleton's Lucerne Valley home for a while with boyfriend Keith Seals; continued to visit the Hambleton place into 2000 and 2001, and saw a gun similar to the Bakley murder weapon while there.

Sicard, Frederico: A detective from the LAPD's fugitive division who briefly investigated claims that Bonny Bakley's brother, Joey, was involved in the murder of an undercover narcotics officer in New York.

Siegel, Ronald (Dr.): A psychopharmacologist on the research staff at the UCLA Medical School, who has done approximately 30 years of study into the effects of hard drugs on the human brain; an expert witness for Blake at the s criminal trial.

Simon, Sylvia Burks: Simon, once married to Robert Stefanow (see entry under Stefanow), went public years later about having her identity stole by Bonny Bakley.

Smith, William Jay (AKA "Jay"): A friend of Jerry Lee Petty and houseguest for approximately two weeks. Smith discovered Petty's body after the "suicide," but claims that Petty never spoke of suicide. Smith was considered a habitual drug user and thief, and is considered to be volatile and violent. In or after May of 2001, Smith sought out Brian Allan and asked him to cash a $10,000 check that Smith claimed came from a "property settlement." After Allan refused, Smith returned, saying he'd gotten the check cashed and wanted Allan to hold his money so it wouldn't be stolen.

Solari, John: Actor and personal friend of Robert Blake; has appeared numerous times on television to defend Blake.

Spencer, Jerry: Friend of Bonny Bakley half-brother Peter Carlyon; Bakley reportedly put up money to establish the two in a landscaping business.

Spies, Kurt: Firearms expert for the LAPD who tested Blake's gun as well as the murder weapon used to kill Bakley.

Stanek, Sean: Film director who lives in Studio City behind Vitello's; called 911 at Blake's request on the night of the shooting and attempted to help Bakley until paramedics arrived.

Stefanow, Robert: Elvis impersonator and associated of Bonny Bakley.

Stuhr, Robert: Small-time record producer; recorded a track featuring "Leebonny Bakley" in a tribute to Elvis; married to Bakley in 1982.

Taylor, Chris: A patron at Vitello's the night Bakley was shot; Taylor testified at the trial that he saw Blake in good spirits and relaxed that night.

Telufson, E. Robert: Another of Bakley's husbands. Telufson contends that Bakley married at least 100 times.

Thomas, James Rollin: One of Jerry Lee Lewis's tour managers who slugged Bakley and broke her nose; Bakley won a lawsuit against Thomas and collected $87,000 at his death.

Tual, Blanchard: Attorney in charge of Bakley estate.

Tyndall, Brian: Veteran homicide detective for LAPD, testified about Blake's attempts to have Bakley family investigated by law enforcement.

Urshan, Sydney: Public relations man who contracted with Margerry Bakley to do a documentary on the case; sued Margerry when she allegedly breached the agreement.

Walker, Tim: Dined at Vitello's the night of the murder; complemented the Restivos on the Robert Blake special, and waved at Blake when Restivo pointed him out.

Walters, Terrence Lee: Known as "Traveling Travis," Walters was originally from Texas and had a long police record and problems with drugs and alcohol; lived off and on at Jerry Lee Petty's home on Willow Glen, and was jailed in Texas at the time of the Bakley shooting. Walters has been described as toothless. He also knew Christian Brando very well.

Webber, William, Sr.: Married Bonny Lee Bakley in 1993; with Margerry's help, Bakley looted Webber's bank account of approximately $350,000 before a court order stopped her.

Welch, William: Former Los Angeles homicide detective who works as private investigator; testified at preliminary hearing that Blake told him he wanted Bakley killed. but was seriously discredited at the trial.

White, Josh: Lived with Libby Krell at 4530 Bakman Avenue, Studio City, at the time of the Bakley shooting. Notified police of a "strange car" he saw in the area that night. The Bakman Avenue residence is about a block-and-a-half from Vitello's.

Whitten, J.W.: Road manager for Jerry Lee Lewis.

Willis, Terry: Head of the LAPD computer crimes unit; examined computers seized from Earle Caldwell's home after his arrest.

Wolfe, Glynn: Another Bakley ex-spouse. Reportedly the "most married" man in the world at the time of his death circa 1997.

Worcester, Philip Writer: Elderly Bakley client who on 28 June 1980 altered his will to leave his estate to his "financee," Bonny Bakley.

Yamauchi, Colin: Forensic scientist at the LAPD crime lab; test-fired the murder weapon and testified at the trial.

Zlotnick, Arna: First lawyer of Earle Caldwell; appeared on his behalf at preliminary.

Zorrilla, Arturo: Former LAPD detective and fugitive-tracking specialist; was contacted by William Jordan, a private investigator hired by Blake, and given information about criminal activities in which the Bakley family was allegedly involved.