This home at 2731 Calle Olivo in Thousand Oaks, California is one of several bought by Bonny Bakley with the money she took in from her "lonely hearts" and pornography ventures.

Here is where it all started. This is Chadney's, the now-defunct jazz club where Robert Blake was aggressively pursued by Bonny Lee Bakley. Click on photo to enlarge.

Another photo of Chadney's, where Bakley first mat Blake in the fall of 1999. Click on photo to enlarge.

Margerry Bakley, sister and sometime-partner of Bonny Bakley in the sex business, hopes to get her hands on a lot of money with a civil lawsuit against Robert Blake.

This drawing shows the tiny town of Hampton, New Jersey (current map) where a young Bonny Bakley lived with grandmother Margaret "Grammy" Hall in a trailer on Red Mill Road.

Christina Scheier (on left) with Bonny Bakley in old photograph. Scheier has claimed that she has inside information about Bakley's scams, as both friend and ID theft victim.

Christina Scheier in 2002 during an appearance on Larry King Live shortly after Robert Blake's arrest.

Elvis impersonator Robert Stefanow during an appearance with Greta Van Sustern on Fox TV. Stefanow married Linda Gail Lewis, sister of Jerry Lee, in 1987. Reportedly, Ms. Lewis divorced him after he and Bakley got involved sexually.

Vitello's Italian Restaurant on Tujunga Avenue, Studio City (click on photo for larger pictures).