The State's Rebuttal
(Testimony from 24-25 February 2005)

Hillorie Rudolph

"There's a satellite that goes over the San Gabriel Mountains every night," the first rebuttal witness insisted. "Everybody sees it ... It's not a spaceship."

So went the testimony of Hillorie Rudolph, long-time girlfriend of stuntman Gary McLarty. Rudolph was called to refute defense testimony about McLarty's delusions and drug-induced hallucinations.

Rudolph was asked if, prior to McLarty's hospitalization in September of 2004, she had seen him delusional. Rudolph stated that she had not.

"Did you ever see him hallucinate?" asked prosecutor Shellie Samuels. "No," said Rudolph.

Asked if McLarty had behaved in a bizarre manner while on drugs, Rudolph again insisted that he hadn't.

But when questioned by defense attorney M. Gerald Schwartzbach, things changed.

"Has Mr. McLarty ever told you he's capable of reading people's minds?" Schwartzbach asked.

After a long pause, Rudolph answered, "Not in so many words."

"What words did he use?" Schwartzbach countered. To this, Rudolph conceded that McLarty told her he was "getting telepathic communications." It was Rudoph who called lead detective Ron Ito when McLarty had a mental breakdown on the 16th of September, 2004.

Brian Tyndall & Steven Dowell

View of Van Nuys Courthouse and Media Camp

The court also briefly heard from Detective Brian Tyndall of the LAPD Robbery Homicide division who participated in interviews of McLarty. Tyndall stressed that McLarty remembered key details of his meeting with Blake, including details about what Blake ate during the encounter and the location at which the actor purchased a prepaid phone card. He also said that police were able to verify these details by tracking receipts.

And Steven Dowell, a firearms expert at the office of the LA Coroner, also took the stand briefly to dispute the formula used by defense expert Celia Hartnett to calculate the amount of gunshot residue that would have been present on Blake's hands had he actually fired the murder weapon as charged. But on cross-examination, Dowell was asked if it wasn't true that the more gunshot residue that resulted from firing a gun, the harder it would be to get rid of it all. Dowell admitted that this was correct.

Following the brief, one-day rebuttal by the District Attorney's representative, defense attorney Schwartzbach stated that he would not call any further witnesses. Thus ended the testimony phase of the trial in the case of California v. Robert Blake. And on the following day, the 25th, the judge scheduled closing arguments to begin on the 2nd of March.


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