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February 27, 2003


Margerry Bakley, sister of slain Bonny Lee Bakley, was served with a Summons and Complaint for breach of contract by a California Sheriff during the first day of the Robert Blake murder Preliminary Hearing held in Van Nuys on February 26, 2003.

According to the Sheriff's Department, service was made at 11:00 a.m. and the Officer sent to serve Margerry was also assigned duty to the day long Hearing.

The lawsuit alleging over $2 million in damages for past and future earnings, was filed in the Central District of the Superior Court by Sydney Urshan, Margerry's former Manager hired to handle her business affairs and media relations.

Margerry backed out of the Contract with Urshan during his negotiations with Hustler Magazine Editor Allan MacDonnell and Larry Flynt. Margerry planned to profit from unreleased nude Bonny Lee Bakley photos.

Part of Urshan's management task was to help clean up Margerry's tarnished image which began from the onset of her sister's death by accepting money from a tabloid magazine.

Urshan, given power of attorney by Margerry, fired "Bakley Family Attorney" Cary Goldstein and hired wrongful death attorney Eric Dubin who agreed to help out with Margerry's legal affairs if Urshan would arrange to substitute him in as Bonny Lee's children's attorney in the ongoing wrongful death case against Robert Blake.

When asked about Urshan's lawsuit against Margerry by a news court reporter who obtained a copy downtown, Dubin called the matter a "business dispute" and stated [about Urshan] "when you're involved in a high-profile case, you get all sorts of people coming out of the woodwork".

"I want to be in control again," Margerry said, and ended up handling her own bookings and selling stories because it was her only known source of income, which supposedly stopped while Urshan was managing her. Urshan learned that Margerry met several times with the Press and others without his representation while staying with him in his L.A. home.

Margerry made a movie deal with American Media Inc., owners of Star and National Enquirer tabloids, which Urshan unsuccessfully attempted to dissolve. She got paid up front and accepted additional funds from them on a renewal option.

It is estimated that Margerry profited $40,000 selling various stories, and Fox News offered Urshan $10,000 to have Margerry conduct exclusive interviews with them throughout the entire Blake trial, which their Producer told Urshan "would only last about 2 weeks."

Urshan was working on a Margerry Bakley Documentary with Margerry and shot several hours of interviews with her. During one of the interviews Urshan recorded, Margerry tells about a time, at their mother's request, Bonny Lee obtained a gun for their mother to kill Margerry with.