Larry King Live
CNN - 6 May 2002
Guests: Christina Scheier, Friend of Bonny Bakley
for 35 years; and
Larry Garrison,
Scheier's book agent.
With follow-up by
Harland Braun and
Cary Goldstein

Larry King (promo): Insights into the woman Robert Blake is accused of murdering in cold blood. Christina Scheier will join us. She says she was Bonny Lee Bakley's best friend for thirty-five years, and a victims of some of her scams. All next on Larry King Live.

King: Good evening in New York. Joining us with Christina Scheier is Larry Garrison. He's president of Silver Creek Entertainment. And they have procured the movie and literary rights to Christina's story. He also produced, you will remember, "Like Mother, Like Son, The Story of Santa and Kenny Kimes," which starred Mary Tyler Moore. Christina, your friendship with Bonny goes back thirty-five years?

Scheier: Thirty-five years.

King: When was the last time you've spoken to her?

Scheier: Up until she died.

King: Then you were a regular conversation....

Scheier: I was a regular....

Garrison: Larry, she was her confidant.

King: In fact, that's going to be the name of the book, right?

Scheier: Right.

King: So, she confided in you?

Scheier: I say...[inaudible]

King: If you become a witness in this, you'll be a witness for the prosecution then?

Scheier: I would hope so.

King: Because you have no sympathy, one would gather, with Mr. Blake?

Scheier: Well, certain people had motives, and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize the trial.

King: Have the police talked to you?

Scheier: Yes, they have.

King: Are they going to continue to talk to you, do you know?

Scheier: Yes.

Garrison: This weekend on Saturday, they're flying out to her home to meet with her and talk about the new information that was just uncovered.

King: Which was?

Garrison: Ah, we have to save that...

King: She has new information that will make the case stronger against Mr. Blake?

Garrison: We're not saying it's Blake who did it. It could -- she could be testifying for the prosecution. She could be testifying for Harland [Harland Braun, then Blake's defense attorney]. All I can say to you is that at this point, we cannot relinquish because of the, because the police have asked us...

King: What it is [inaudible]

Garrison: Well, we can give you where -- this is her first interview with information that we've gotten, although we spoke with Catherine Crier, and she will give you tonight some pertinent information.

King: Like these postcards

Garrison: Like these postcards and ...

King: We have two postcards here, purportedly written by the deceased, to you, right?

Scheier: Yes.

King: By the way ... personal letters. She's.. she writes about getting married, she writes about DNA on a postcard?

Scheier: She always wrote to me, often...

King: On a postcard?


Scheier: Yes, she did. She would even send money through the mail, so, you know, for birthdays...

King: And in here she says (reading) it was 99.6 percent [inaudible] that was his daughter, [inaudible] when they took the DNA and then he kidnapped her, I'm not kidding, so I flew back. He was playing games with me, saying we will get married and then procrastinating. He said. What do you make of all this?

Scheier: [inaudible]

King: Did you know Robert Blake?

Scheier: Not personally.

King: Never met him? Ever talked to him on the phone?

Scheier: Well, that'll -- I'd better not talk about it.

Garrison: OK. Let me help you here a little bit. Christina fears for her life right now. I can't tell you by who or what. There could have been other people involved.

King: In the killing?

Garrison: In the killing. It may be Blake, it may not. Everybody's got their supposition out there of where it's at.

King: Well, you don't know who killed her. You can't know. You weren't there.

Garrison: We have motives right now...

King: Yes, but that's...

Garrison: ... that are very strong motives.

King: What's the fear for your life based on, Christina? What are you worried about?

Scheier: Because I was her best friend.

Garrison: And we have her diary. We have...

King: What do you have Christina [inaudible] ...?

Garrison: Her black book. We have letters. We have photographs. We brought you only a tip of the iceburg tonight.

King: And this other postcard says: 'Hi. Guess what? I married Robert Blake on November 19th. I'm real happy and I finally accomplished everything I everything I always wanted. Why don't you marry Will?' You were going out with a guy named Will?

Scheier: No, no. It was something....?

King: Why, what did she mean, do you think, 'I finally accomplished everything I always wanted?

Scheier: What do I think she meant?

King: Yeah.

Scheier: I think she meant she had the money she wanted finally in her life, but I don't think she was happy.

King: You said that she tried to scam you. Did she scam you, too?

Scheier: [Laughs]. She did. She did everybody.

King: That's the kind of person she was?

Scheier: Two very different personalities...

King: Like a grifter.

Scheier: Two very different personalities...

Garrison: She was a good girl, bad girl...

King: Did you like her?

Scheier: Oh, yes, she could be so very sweet to you, to everybody. And then she would have another personality.

King: Since the police have already filed this case, they've named him the murderer, they've named an accomplice. The prosecution has filed against two people. What more do you think they want to know?

Scheier: Oh, you know.

King: Christina?

Garrison: You know, the public really doesn't know the whole story.

King: Yes, but I'm trying to learn it here.

Garrison: That's why we're here, because we feel that as much of the truth that could come out should come out here.

King: OK, what is the truth to this second?

Scheier: Well, nobody has told the truth, really.

King: Nobody?

Garrison: From ... People are hiding things, and it's -- it just hasn't come out.

King: Do you believe Robert Blake had her killed or killed her?

Scheier: People had motives but-- people had motives, but it might jeopardize the trial.

King: You can have a belief. If you're going to be a witness for the prosecution, you could certainly have a belief. But you don't want to state whether you do?

Scheier: No, I don't want to risk myself right now.

King: What is the risk? I'm trying to figure out, Larry. What is her danger?

Garrison: If you're sitting with a story -- Silver Creek Entertainment has been inundated by the world. My publicist, Ed Mosey (ph?), my attorney, Stephanie Goode and Kent Walker, who did Son of the Grifter, wants to write the book with me. Everybody wants to know who did it. Ah, the problem is...

King: [inaudible]

Garrison: They made charges, but there's other information that will be coming out that could not only jeopardize the trial, but we're holding back also, from, to be honest with you, for my movie and my book.

King: Information that could change the situation regarding Mr. Blake?

Garrison: It could possibly change it...

Scheier: Absolutely.

King: Could....?

Garrison: Most definitely.

King: But you have to reveal everything when the police come, don't you?

Garrison: Yes.

Scheier: I know.

King: You plan to, right?

Scheier: Definitely do.

Garrison: Well, this is not the first time...

King: They're coming again?

Garrison: Well, she's going to be a key witness in this. Whether it's for Blake or for something else that may be coming out or some other people that may have been part ...

King: When this [inaudible], will you come back?

Garrison: Definitely.

Scheier: Most definitely.

King: Chistina Scheier and Larry Garrsion, who's president of Silvercreek Entertainment. Christina was Bonny Lee Bakley's best friend for thirty five years. And when we come back, we'll talk with Harland Braun, the attorney for Robert Blake, and Cary Goldstein, the attorney for the family of the late Bonny Lee Bakley, and get their thoughts... then...


* * * * * * * * *

Following the discussion with Scheier and Garrison, Blake attorney Harland Braun was surprisingly pleasant in talking about Scheier, while the Bakley attorney at that time, Cary Goldstein, was antagonistic. Exerpts from each of the lawyers' comments appear below.

* * * * * * * * *

King: What did you make, Harland, of what we learned - or didn't learn - from Christina and Larry?

Braun: Well, one thing is that Christina was very helpful in the early stages of the investigation when Scott Ross, my investigator, interviewed her. There was an early story by one of Jerry Lee Lewis's sisters that she was on a cell phone with Bonny at the moment she was killed, and she was supposed to have said, 'Here comes Robert.' Christina was very helpful because Bonny, in fact, the cell phone in her hand when she died was a fraudulent phone obtained under Christine's [sic.] name. So Christine was able to assist my investigators in establishing that there was no such telephone call at all, and she hadn't even used the phone for two hours before she died.

* * * * * * * * *

King: ....And Cary, what do you make of what Ms. Scheier had to say tonight?

Goldstein: ... This is a woman who came out of the woodwork to do a Hollywood story and her producer whose there just is promoting the hell out of this. They told us nothing. It's just like, 'Oh, we're going to tell you, oh, we have the secrets, and it's going to all come out in this big story. Watch our story and build it up for big bucks. My understanding is that this young woman was a rather mean individual, was friends with Bonny way back like in high school, and that the only time that Bonny kept in touch with her was basically to sort of taunt her and show her that, you know, 'I can succeed also.' And Bonny used to leave her some of her old black books purposely with some celebrity names and addresses in it to, ah, to taunt her a bit.

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