Everybody knows what happened the first Friday night of May 2001, shortly after 9:30 p.m. on a dark street behind Vitello's Restaurant in Studio City, California. But few know what happened in the days, months, and years before. The murder of Bonny Lee Bakley is a real-life Hollywood film noir, a story of sex, deception, murder - and a baby.

Robert Blake is the ultimate Hollywood enigma, a former child star who grew into a brilliant actor with well over a hundred films on his resume, but a man with a dark side, as well, who struggled not only with the anxieties that come with fame but, by his own admission, with sinister thoughts of murder.

Bakley was his unlikely match, a faded, overweight porn queen who had lived the tough life of prostitution, kinky sex, and diabolical con games. Above all, she was a ruthless and relentless celebrity stalker who pursued Blake with calculated boldness. And in the end, she made him hate her enough to kill her. But did he?

There is nothing ordinary about this story. It is a showcase for everything that is sordid, mysterious, and explosive in the hidden lives of the rich and famous. It's about secrets and tortured lives, but it is also about the tenderness of an ageing actor with a "tough guy" image for a child he fathered, a baby he once desperately hoped would never be born.

What's a nice guy like you
doing with a gal like this?
The Perils of the
One-Night Stand

Attention misfits, loners,
losers, perverts, freaks,
psychopaths, deviants,
maniacs: I need a man!
Will send nude pics!

Only in Hollywood!
A faded, over-weight,
porn queen, hooker, and
star-stalker finally
catches her prey!

After the longest,
most expensive murder
investigation ever in
Los Angeles history ....
We still do not know!

While the LAPD was busy
throwing money at dead ends,
tabloids were taking their
lurid gossip to the bank!
Who'd have guessed it?

After all their wasted
efforts, the DA had to choose
between dropping charges
or going to court with
a hopelessly feeble case.

As usual, the DA's office
had the proverbial mountain
of evidence... But not
a grain of proof!
(Here we go again!)

Just when we thought
there was going to be a trial,
along came another delay.
And the case just kept on
coming apart at the seams.

Taking the stand for the state:
brain-dead convicts, liars, the
certified insane, the drama
queens. Was that testimony?
Or was it an audition?

It's the LA Ambulance
Chaser Special. Not guilty
but not broke either?
Then go to civil court.
Proof of guilt not required.

Everything you ever wanted
to know about the story, even
the stuff you dared not ask!
And yes, truth really is
stranger than fiction.

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